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-Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory-

Oh yeah! I finally beat Chaos Theory - I’m getting farther on my Splinter Cell list. And of course the last thing you see as the credits roll is Sam’s face. I’ll miss that ol’ mug.

This game is hands down my favorite of these games so far. Unlike Pandora Tomorrow, the team really put forth an effort to fine tune the mechanics and everything else the series is known for. The graphics are better, Sam Fisher and his team all exchange more frequent and natural dialogue, and the soundtrack was done by freaking Amon Tobin.

I guess I’ll go out of my way now and say that I’ve been going back and replaying the Splinter Cell games mostly for their fun gameplay and not especially for their storylines. Chaos Theory’s story is a little more concrete than the previous two games, but only like a notch or two better and I still found myself not caring much about the events that were taking place. That being said, everyone has been given a lot more dialogue and the characters all feel more human and likeable.

The sound meter is a welcome addition, and I especially like how you have the option to either kill or incapacitate guards. It really gives the game a bit of self-imposed difficulty. My favorite improvement in Chaos Theory by far is seemingly a small one but is pervasive throughout the entire experience of the game, and its in the control. You really have precise command over just how fast or slow Sam is sneaking around and it just makes the the entire game fun to play. You’re able to sneak backwards, and movement speed can be slowed down to the most minute pressure on the thumbstick. I can’t truly explain it - you have to play the game for yourself to really understand what I mean, but everything here just feels sharper than the last two titles.

I don’t especially feel the need to get into game reviews or anything at the minute, but I just thought I’d give my two cents on this one because again, this is my favorite of the Splinter Cell games. Its all opinion of course, but I’m in the camp of not liking the following sequels as much, if only because they de-emphasize stealth and push the action into the forefront. So with everything being said, I personally wish that the developers would reexamine Chaos Theory and get back to making solid stealth games!

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